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On March 16th, 2012 I  had an appointment with Keith for a Lomi Lomi massage and  I was amazed at the results  after  my session. I had various issues from severe tension areas to head and neck pains of which I used  over the counter pills to ease the discomfort .. which only resulted in a band aid relief. ... after my session with Keith I felt I could exhale and inhale with no problem.. end result my body felt like a new person.... He concentrates and gets to the core of the problem .. He soothes you mentally and physically and works with you and adjusts. He asks questions and gives you details so you can understand what he is gonna do... extremely professional and knowledgeable.. most of all comfortable.. very relaxing ... and i will be booking an appointment again..... I dont just choose anybody .... but Warm Healing Hands by Keith is like being on a mini vacation .. he is top shelf....not everybody in this profession can perform the way he does .. Thank you!
 I have had lower back problems for 20 plus years, after getting nothing more then muscle relaxers from my Doctor, I made an appointment with Keith to get relief from my back pain. With one therapeutic massage my back went from a knotted mess where I couldn't walk too far, much less stand up straight, to full range of movement, painless bliss. A process where my back normally takes 7-10 days to get back to normal after it goes "out," was rectified in a one hour session. Then with the advice Keith gave me on how to maintain a healthy back, I have not had a back going "out" episode again. I have also gone to Keith for knee and shoulder problems that I attributed to age, but was nothing more than tight muscles that needed Keith's expert skill. I have recommended Keith to family and friends alike, and no one has been disappointed with the results.
Brian L.

A testimonial for Keith

Four times since the end of December 2011 my lower back has been in extreme pain.   I have seen Keith 2 times a week for each incident.   After each visit with in a twenty-four hour period I have felt extremely better.  There is no doubt that Keith has a gift for deep muscle massage.  As reference to my back, it’s miss-aligned and front to back and side to side.   

Sincerely, Rob M.  April 1, 2012

I have been seeing Keith for a few months now. I came to him with a laundry list of issues, the main one being very painful cramps every month during my cycle. Keith has helped me get off my prescribed pain killers and has been helping my body retrain itself for proper blood flow. He has even given me his own blend of oils to help with the pains if they decide to flare up. I owe Keith a lot for what he has done.
Thank you,
W.B. April 2012
This weekend I flew up to Chicago to have a weekend with my husband. My husband surprised me with a massage with Keith. Having never met Keith I did not know what to expect. Walking in the door he immediately put me at ease. Starting with talking with me about the different massages he offers. I experienced the lomi lomi massage. It was completely relaxing. During the massage we came across several troubled aches and pains I had been experiencing. Working on those areas I found relief. Tension in my shoulders, sinus and abdominal issues. Walking out the door I felt completely relaxed and at peace. Keith sure has a gift of healing hands and a relaxing spirit. I would highly recommend Keith.
Thanks Keith,
Jackie P August 25, 2012

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